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Jock Stretching


Wet & Barefoot


Irish Pride


Under Gear


Big Boy Detained


Compact Muscle


Swimmer Stretch


Guy Next Door


Nice Guy


Football Toss


No Match


Guy Next Door


Soccer Smooth


Rookie Detained


Muscle Dressing




Bare Butt Soccer


Old Favorite


Boxing League


Black Sock Tied


Buzzed Head


Big Hunk


Outfielder Detained


Clear Tape Gag


After Practice


Barefoot Track


Large Basket


Boxing Stallion


Wrestler Tied


Bare Butt & Roped


Catcher Stretching


Boxer Ballgagged


Campus Hottie


Baseball Swag


College Prank


Suit Show Off


Boxer Stretching


No Starting Block


Cool Dude


Big Package


Buffed & Bound




All County Star


Barefoot Preppy


Khaki Slacks


Baseball Stretch


Foot In Mouth


Suit Strip


Midfielder Pose


Bats  Misused


Buffed & Roped


First Round Draft


Sour Grapes


Lean & Mean


Strapping Singlet


 Hunk Restrained


Latin Hot


Jock Strap Stretch


Soccer Enthusiast


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