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Showing Off










The Game



Giant Stripping


Hockey Puppet




Jock Player


Big and Bound


Quiet Time




He's Out


Eligible Bachelor


Mat Muscle


Roped In Shorts


Benched Jock


Euro Looks


Bat & Tape


Gym Regular


Tough Biker


Greco Roped


Campus Hottie


In Position


Barefoot Player


Country Muscle


Off The Mound


Beached Swimmer


Stripping Down


Mat Ready


Hog Tied


Gym Muscled


Local Pro Football


Think & Thin


Blue Collar


Stallion Fighter


Tough Spot


Great Butt


Sheer Singlet


Missed Pitch




Show Off


Misused Mouthpiece


Star Player


Hockey Hunk


Punked Player


Missed Date


Muscled Football


No Travel




Hot Singlet's


Fallen Star


Night Out


Football Scholarship


Taped Tight




Boxing Beef


Bullpen Detained


Evening Out


Trained Wrestler


Soccer Butt


Stripped Undies


Boxing Punk


Lost Foot Gear


Jersey Dude




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