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Showing Off










The Game



College Hero


Rough Referee


Body in Pink




Fallen Giant




Lean Jock


Linebacker Down


Helpless Jock


Big Bat Stretch


Late for Lacrosse


Fraternity Guy




Jammers Stretch


Off Field


Hot Pink


Soccer Smooth


Defense Detained


Stepping Out


High Kicker


Rope & Singlet


Hot Pants


Jiu Jitsu


Gridiron Take Down


College Draft


Forward Style


Wrestler In Trouble


Casual Muscle


Hot Player


Legs Tied


Quiet Jock


Kick Boxer


Nervous Player


Red Faced


Giant Linebacker


Stopped Short


Sharp Suited


Smooth Player


Beached Swimmers


Date Ready


Varsity Position


Perfect Tie


Italian Meat Head


Lacrosse Stretch


Struggling Singlet


Tighty Whites


Road Biker


Helpless Hunk




Matt Man


Running Back Tied


Ivy League


Soccer Stretch


Tightly Tied


Nice Guy


Baseball Stretch


Missed Shot


Silver Fox


Big Red Line


Pig Tied






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